Our Difference

Our Mission

To provide exceptional Occupational Therapy services

in a nurturing environment that enables every child to shine and reach their fullest potential.

To create a lasting legacy

by developing the future generation of highly skilled paediatric occupational therapists, contributing to a greater impact to society.

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Your Child Sits At The Heart of Hope Kids OT

Our Story

Hope Kids OT is founded and led by our Director and Occupational Therapist, May Lee. With more than 15 years of clinical experience and driven by her passion to help children reach their full potential, the Hope Kids OT team of skilled paediatric occupational therapists has now supported and made a difference to more than 800 families in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

From its inception, Hope Kids OT has embodied a philosophy of connection, inclusion and innovation. This visionary approach has guided our mission ever since, transforming it into a thriving paediatric center with unique therapy spaces and holistic therapy approaches.

We believe that therapy extends beyond enhancing fine motor skills or sensory processing; it is about fostering self-esteem, independence, and a brighter future where every child shines.

What truly sets us apart is our constant pursuit of growth, lifelong learning and excellence. Hope Kids OT embraces a culture where everyone is heard, valued and empowered to shine and reach their fullest potential.

Our Values


Connection & Collaboration

We nurture connection and collaboration through building safe and trusting relationships with children, their families, our team, other professionals and the broader community.

Growth & Innovation

We embrace a growth mindset and are committed to lifelong learning so we can continue to deliver innovative, evidence-based therapy with care and consistency.

Inclusion & Diversity

We foster an environment where individuals from all backgrounds, abilities and cultures are welcomed, valued and empowered.

Passion & Enthusiasm

We are fervently dedicated and enthusiastic about contributing to the field of paediatric occupational therapy by equipping and educating the future generation of therapists.

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