Therapy Services

From your initial assessment to therapy sessions, every child's journey is unique and we are here to support you every step of the way.



Assessments are essential to determine a child's developmental strengths, challenges & therapy needs.

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professional reports

Professional Reports

We provide professional reports to document assessment results, track progress and justify eligibility for funding support.

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individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are customised to your child's needs and include parent education to follow through at home.

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Services can be offered remotely via Telehealth if this option is preferred or when families are unable to attend face-to-face therapy due to various reasons, allowing continuity of therapy services and some structure to your child’s week.

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school and kinder visits

School & Kinder Visits

We offer individualised support for children who are demonstrating challenges participating within their school/kinder learning environments.

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School Holiday Intensives

We offer the choice of an intensive block of therapy sessions during school holidays for families who prefer shorter-term appointments or wish to focus on specific goals.

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Explore how our occupational therapy services can empower your child to reach their goals.
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